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A Drive to Excellence
Building a High-Performance, Patient-Centered Dental Practice
Peter Gopal, PhD and Hema Gopal, MBA, DMD



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Fast Track Your Way to a Million Dollar Solo Practice

Want to elevate your practice to the top 10% in net income?

Full of valuable tips and proven approaches, A Drive to Excellence will help you increase your personal income while operating a low-stress practice.

You'll learn how to:

  • Lead and manage your way to success
  • Fill the gaps in your schedule
  • Get more patients to say "Yes" to comprehensive care
  • Generate more new patients cost-effectively
  • Increase hygiene production
  • Gain higher levels of performance from your staff
  • Make good decisions regarding insurance participation


"Powerful, perceptive and sound advice. Use this book and profit."
Dr. Jedidiah Janisse, Vermont

"The authors have created a step-by-step recipe for success. This book could very well be the best investment you ever make. The information contained here is hard-hitting, detailed and well outlined. After you finish reading it, I recommend you read it again."
Dr. Robert Griggs, New Jersey


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