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Getting Patients to Say "Yes" to Treatment


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The success of your practice depends on your ability to have more patients nod “YES” to proposed treatment. Significant increases in production result from mastering just this one area.

Learn how to get patients to say “YES” with Visionary Management’s CASE ACCEPTANCE audio CD program. This 1-hour audio CD will show you how to build trust from the patient’s first visit, understand patient personality types, INCREASE acceptance of comprehensive care, and discuss money with patients. In addition, you will learn about every team member’s important role in this process.

In an interview conducted by Peter Gopal, Dr. Hema Gopal will give a detailed discussion of how this system works. The system was developed and refined by Dr. Gopal and her team at her own general dentistry practice over the past 15 years and will benefit any doctor who is looking to increase case acceptance.

All other things being equal, increased case acceptance is the key difference between the average general dentist making $161,410 annual income* and those netting two or three times as much.

Take your practice up to the next level with Visionary Management’s CASE ACCEPTANCE audio CD program.

* Source:

"This is not only informative, but practical. Any practicing dentist—new or experienced—could benefit significantly from implementing the concepts discussed in this CD."
Dr. Arthur Steinberg
Clinical Professor
Periodontics, University of Pennsylvania Dental School


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